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Verification of License – PRC

I just got back from my trip to the PRC to request for a verification of my license. This is the second time I requested to have it verified. The first one was for my application in New Zealand Nursing Council and the second one was for my Saipan nursing license to be endorsed to Texas.

Here are a few quick tips to save you some time and money before you go to the PRC. I’m from Iloilo so this post is tailored to my city. But I hope it’s not much different from yours.

  1. Photocopy you  PRC license, Transcript of Records, and Verification of License form. (2 copies)
  2. Bring your originals.
  3. Bring a long white envelope (for mailing)
  4. Bring some case (of course).
  5. Bring also a copy of your Board Rating since some info that you need to fill out can be seen in your Board Rating (such as date of exam, exam number etc.)

First thing to do is to get a number in the first floor. The person there will give you a form to fill out as well for verification of license. After go to the second floor, window three and present your documents to the person there. She will take a look at your original docs but she won’t take them.

Since you already have the photocopies with you, and since you have the envelope buy a doc stamp from the canteen then go to the cashier to pay.

After paying you back to the same window so the person can process your request. You can choose to have it “picked-up” by your own choice of courier or by regular mail.

The person will tell you how long it will take to finish. Mine is supposed to be done in 2-3 weeks. Call their number if it is ready to be picked up. If it is, you can go to the courier (LBC/DHL).

Hope this helps!

Putting my two cents in – Two Wives Philippine Adaptation complaints

First and foremost, I have not watched Two Wives Korean Drama. And, though I’ve watched bits and pieces of Two Wives Philippines (cause its hard not to) I have not faithfully watched it every night. Still, I believe I know the basic gist of the story.

Guy (Victor) is married. He meets another woman (single mom in this case). He falls in love and although he knows it is wrong, he leaves his wife and own child to be with the other woman.

Wife is angry.  Before they officially parted ways however, wife miscarries baby she has with her husband. She then betters herself and meets another man who is also interested in her. She is still mad though so she files a case against him for concubinage/adultery. I don’t want to get technical here cause I don’t really know what she filed against him, but he stood a good chance of going to prison for it.

There are also a lot of catfighting going on around here between the two women.

Anyways, I don’t know what happened but the case did not push through. (maybe the original wife, Yvonne, got tired of the drama and let go of the case out of respect for her mother-in-law). Nevertheless, Victor manages to divorce his wife and married Janine (the other woman).

After the accident, he loses his memory, goes back to his wife and when his memory does return, he chooses to stay with his previous wife, Yvonne.

Of course, Janine is angry. She is now the legal wife. But I don’t get where she gets the gall to say mean things to Yvonne. As a switch, she now files for a case against her husband (Victor) as well as Yvonne, now the “mistress”.

Totally ridiculous. Do they have nothing left to add to this series? I’m not sure if this is the same in the Korean drama, but to file a case that was once filed against you… haha. It’s reminiscent of the Legal wife. I’m thinking maybe Janine/Yvonne watched The Legal Wife too .

Janine’s angry that her unborn baby died but Yvonne also miscarried too. I think she’s just having a dose of karma and no one in the whole cast of characters ever pointed it out to her in sufficient words. Something along the lines of…

“Have you no shame? You’re blaming me for your problems? Maybe you should look in the mirror and blame yourself. In the first place, you stole what was not yours. I just got it back from you. It’s not my fault your baby died when it was born in sin in the first place (sorry to the baby here). I lost a child too. You keep on repeating “kabit, ang kabit etc (mistress)” well that’s you. And you’re not even ashamed of it. It’s just karma happening to you.”

I think saying it in tagalog would give it more impact xD but anyways, I just want Janine to get off her high horse and look at where she’s standing at. I believe at one point on the story in the beginning, she was the one to beg Yvonne not to involve their children but now look at her.

I hope this series would end,,,,,,

Avenue Suites Hotel Bacolod Review

I went to Bacolod last weekend July 12-13 and we stayed at Avenue Suites Hotel. I booked through AGODA and got the Superior deluxe room for P2,700. It’s a good for 4 room with comlimentary breakfast for two. I had such high hopes for this hotel since my sis and mom had only good things to say when they stayed here a year or two ago. However with my high hopes, I was a bit disappointed with what greeted me.

First, the good part. Location was really good. There are lots of restaurants near it as well as convenience stores.

Though check-in was at 2 pm, when we arrived at 1 pm they allowed us to go to our room already. Room service was also quick. We asked for extra towels and they were quick with our needs.

Now for the sad parts. There was this corner in our room that I just don’t feel comfortable with. The shape of the room is like the letter L.


The aircon was also placed up high near the ceiling so we couldn’t control the temperature. It was too cold for me.


There was also no bidet in the bathroom!



Pic taken from .

Internet connection was slow. I couldn’t even connect at first.

Can't connect

Can’t connect

When I complained at the front desk, they fixed it. However the next morning, it was too slow again.

And what irritated me was that I thought I got a good deal with agoda for a room that was supposed to be good for 4 at 2700 pesos. When we arrived though they had these deals out front.

Promo price Avenue Suites

Promo price Avenue Suites

Since we paid 500 pesos for two extra breakfast. That’s about 1000 more I paid since I booked through agoda. They will also charge you an extra 50 pesos or $1 if you want to borrow an extra pillow.

Also don’t expect much with regards to toiletries. This is what we got for our room.



And here’s our sink.


Better pack your toothbrushes, shampoos and soap! Or don’t worry since there are lots of convenience stores nearby.

To stay or not to stay again?

I would probably stay again because of it’s location. (Only now I won’t expect too much.) Or if I get a really good deal.

Everland vs Disneyland

It has been a couple of weeks since my vacation to Korea ended. Though we went to a lot of places, to recount them all in one post would not give them the justice that they deserve. For this post, I will only focus on Everland and some comparisons that I’ve noticed with Disneyland. Perhaps these two doesn’t deserve to be compared, but with their names somewhat alike I can’t help but do so.

Everland is the largest theme park in Korea. It is owned by Samsung, one of the top electronics company in the world. I didn’t know what to expect when I went to Everland. How different could a theme park be? Of course there would be rollercoasters, 3D animations and the like. To my surprise and pleasure, I was in for a treat when I rode their Lost Valley ride. (still not sure if it really was Lost Valley/ Safari Express)

Giraffes, Camels, Zebras, Rhinoceros… I never expected to see them up so close. While in Disneyland Hong Kong a jungle adventure ride would mean a great replica of the animal and some mechanical mechanism to make it more fun and exciting. Here you have no need since the animals are alive and exciting in themselves.

A giraffe as it passes near our safari vehicle

A giraffe as it passes near our safari vehicle

Staring straight at me

Staring straight at me

Never thought I'd see one

Never thought I’d see one

A closer look with my zoom lens

A closer look with my zoom lens

Since we were in a tour group we only had 4 hours to see Everland. A little farther there was another Safari ride where I heard there were lions, bears and such. I wish I could go back and see them. Even the animal on display as we were lining up to ride the safaru were interesting and active. They did not huddle in corners or lie down to sleep.

I don't know what kind of bird this is exactly

I don’t know what kind of bird this is exactly



lost valley



One of my favorite animals was this cute polar bear on display.


One of the downside of Everland however is that it’s not for old people. Covering the whole park means a lot of walk. I don’t know if it’s just a lifestyle there or we just didn’t know where to go to save us a lot of walking. My mother complained that her legs were shaking after the downhill and uphill walk.

The park was also structured in such a way where in there were dead ends. We had to backtrack at one point. 

There was also a lack of English translation. Not all the people working inside could understand us. Plus, when we went inside a 3D show, an English subtitle would have been nice for us to enjoy and understand what the cartoon was talking about.