Gym Form Dual Shaper – Review

I have made a more comprehensive review for the Gym Dual Shaper in hubpages you can read it here. Gym Form Dual Shaper: Does it work?

Two different people once told me:

1. If someone has to sell something to you (salestalk), it’s not worth it.

2. You only lose weight through hard work and not by instantaneous solutions.

Although they stated it a differently, those were the points I was getting. While I don’t believe those are absolute truths, they most often tend to be true. But this time I’m hoping that they’re not.


While watching the home shopping network one day I was really inspired by this informercial of the dual shaper. They say it’s like an updated version of an old product (since I can’t remember their exact words) since it has EMS or electro muscle stimulation which can really target the fats in your belly.

It sounded so good, so we got carried away and ordered one.

So far I’ve only tried it once and I do hope it works in the long run. Here’s a thing though, in the tv ad, they didn’t say that you have to change the electrodes after every 30 uses (ideally). You have to attach this electrodes to your skin otherwise the EMS function won’t be turned on!

It’s annoying because they never showed in the TV ad that you have to buy and keep changing electrodes for you to make the most of it.


Forgot to include the meal plan booklet on this. The bag is not as durable as I imagined it to be. It’s really thin.


The product itself is a bit bulky.


The electrodes that you have to change after every 30 use!

I kept laughing so hard when I tried the EMS function in my tummy. I also had to really control my tickle bone even with just the vibration. Since I’ve only used it once can’t say how effective this is yet. The instruction manual is not that user friendly since I had to read it again and again to figure out that the electrodes have to stick to your skin for it to work. Thought it was broken at first.

If you have the Gym form dual shaper and it worked for you please let me know! In philippine peso we paid about P3750 for this. The electrodes costs about P500+ excluding the shipping fee.

If this does not work, I don’t think I’ll be browsing the Home shopping network anytime soon.


15 thoughts on “Gym Form Dual Shaper – Review

  1. i just purchased this item a couple of days ago. been using it twice a day. so far okay naman. i think with constant use for several months, it will being good results. i have to agree with your review though regarding the electrodes – they never mentioned on tv that it’s only good for 30 uses. i also dont appreciate the bag – it’s so disappointing how thin it was. but at any rate, i’ll keep using and see if it will really work. i’ll probably go back here and update you after a month. 🙂

  2. Hi! I’ve been thinking about buying the gymform dual shaper but I would really like to know first from someone who has been using it if it really works as advertised. I searched the net for reviews on this product and that’s how I came here. How is it working so far? Seen any positive result just yet? Thanks!

  3. Thank you very much for this useful review and information via users’ comments. I was practically sold on buying this item until I searched on the internet about this to show to my co-workers and it’s a good thing that I found your site. I was left under the impression that it works via rechargeable batteries, from the TV ad but as frey26 has commented, it has to be plugged pala. Also, I did not like the idea that it has some consumables (electrodes). I found an Avon product instead (from a co-worker) that is quite similar in functionality, has no consumables and has an honest-looking information material at the box (can be used only for 15 minutes a day). Thank you once again.

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